Today is May 10th…aka 5/10…aka FIVE10 Day! What better excuse for a blow-out party extravaganza and lots of freebies? QuickStart Goodies: All new QuickStart websites get 6 months of free hosting! QuickStart websites are Buy One, Get One FREE! Share with a friend, or get one for each of your personalities! All new website projects […]

I had the opportunity to hear a motivating talk by Life Coach and self-taught Social Networking guru Joy Flemming recently. She had a lot of tips that I thought were worth sharing. Joy’s competence in the complicated world of online marketing is demonstrated by her 3000+ fans on Facebook, 57,000 followers on Twitter, and her […]

Just because we can shoot video and 10 mega pixel images on our pocket size digital cameras doesn’t mean we know what to do with the files afterwards. And what fun is an embarassing¬† video if you can’t share it?? This is, of course the “YouTube generation”, but what if you just want to send […]