messageinbottleJust because we can shoot video and 10 mega pixel images on our pocket size digital cameras doesn’t mean we know what to do with the files afterwards. And what fun is an embarassing¬† video if you can’t share it?? This is, of course the “YouTube generation”, but what if you just want to send a large file to someone to keep or burn to dvd or something? Here are a couple options:

1. Pando

Pando is free software that allows you to email or im files up to 1GB (3GB with a Pro version) without clogging your inbox or taking forever to up/download. Oh and you can watch tv with it too!

Your recipient will need to install pando to receive the files, but this is still a great service if you are regularly wanting to send large files to the same individuals (weekly videos of the kids to grandma, for instance, or large images or files to coworkers).

Check it out for yourself here:

2. Dropbox

One of my very favorite online utilities, Dropbox specializes in synchronizing files across all of your devices, but has a multitude of uses. The one we are focusing on today is the ability to share large files. All you have to do is save the file to your Dropbox “public” folder, right click, and select “Copy Public Link” from the Dropbox menu.

Now you can paste the link into an email, an im, even a text message and send to anyone. Only the linked file will be visible, nothing else in your public folder, so you can create as many unique links as you need (within your Dropbox space limitations).

Use this link to sign up for a Dropbox account and get 25 extra megabytes in addition to the free 2 GB everyone else starts with: