Jack Leblond of Agent Genius Mag recently posted one of the most simple, straightforward lists on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that I have seen. I’m sure it helps that he wrote this after attending a conference where the head of Google’s anti-webspam team spoke.

I’ve been meaning to put together one of these lists myself, but why recreate the wheel? Here’s a synopsis of his article. Click the link below to read in full.

Ten SEO Tips

  1. Use good URL & site structure
  2. Use good and unique page titles
  3. Use keywords naturally within your content
  4. Page title and URL do not have to match
  5. Check your site logs often to see what you already rank well for
  6. Create a blog and post often
  7. Fill in your description tags
  8. Create an XML site map
  9. If you are local, be sure to register in the Google local business center
  10. Use your chosen keywords in URL and titles

SEO Quick Tips – Straight From the Mouth of Google | Real Estate Magazine – Real Estate Opinion Column – AgentGenius.