Photo of eyeUPDATE: As of April 2013, Picnik’s photo editing features have been absorbed into Google+.  Here is a Google help article on the basics of photo editing on Google+.

Lots of people (including my family and friends) ask me various questions about how to make edits to digital photos. Understandably so! When our printed photos had red eye or were cropped funny, we might have blamed the photo lab or just thrown the print away, but mostly we just dealt with it. It was out of our control. But now that everyone has all of their photos on their computers or phones, those options seem a bit limiting.

We’ve all heard of photoshop, of course. But at a price tag at about 700 bucks and a learning curve steeper than the alps — what good is it?? Freeware apps often fall short in the feature department, but I have found one that I’m really excited about. So pleased, in fact, that sometimes I actually use it instead of my other tools (including photoshop!). So what is this big secret?

It’s a web app you use right from your browser called Picnik. It is easy and FREE. How bout that, huh? Don’t let the cute graphics and funny sayings fool you. This is a full featured photo rockin’ machine. Simply upload the photo you want to edit and follow the prompts.

Give it a try: