We have a new option to get online quicker than ever. This isn’t a permanent solution, by any means, but is perfect if you need to have a live domain and email in a heartbeat.

The cost is $350 and here’s what ya get:

  • domain registration (1 year)
  • customized design with your logo, colors, etc.
  • 2 content pages (list of services, testimonials, about us, etc.)
  • “contact us” page with form
  • facebook business page set-up
  • twitter account set-up and icon
  • custom email addresses at your domain
  • domain maintenance and website hosting for 6 months ($20/mo after)
  • price applied to future website purchase! (within 3 months)
  • be online within a week! (most cases)

Pretty sweet deal if you are looking to launch a full site, but don’t want to have a blank page or tacky “coming soon” message when your clients visit your domain in the meantime.

Call 404-567-6349 or email stephanie to get online this week!

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