Business blogging is not just hot — it’s sizzling. No doubt about it. Blogs are one of the fastest growing sources of lead generation, and a basic necessity for any inbound marketing plan.

Who Is Blogging?

Inbound marketing experts at Hubspot provide statistics showing that more businesses are blogging than ever before. “From 2009 to 2011, the percentage of businesses with a blog grew from 48 percent to 65 percent. Fifty-seven percent of companies using blogs reported that they acquired customers from leads generated directly from their blog.”

Why Should I Blog For My Business?

A blog is a long-term marketing asset that brings traffic and leads to your business. Blogs are quick, easy reads that mirror your company’s goals and objectives.  They help build brand recognition, deliver advertising and promotional messages quickly, and engage & retain potential customers.

How To Succeed At Blogging

The frequency and quality of each blog is the key to its impact on readers. Posting 2 – 3 times per week is the “sweet spot” to engage, but not overwhelm readers. Strong content grabs people’s attention and increases the likeliness that they will return to your site for future posts. Key words organically used in your content improve search engine rankings and stimulate lead generation. Including a call-to-action (CTA) in each post can easily turn a passive reader into an active lead by offering a strategically placed opportunity to sign up for a service or product. (Speaking of, why don’t you take a moment to enter your email address on the right to receive notification of future blog posts?)

Another advantage of blogging is long tail marketing. By diversifying your content you can increase the number of key words and phrases used and attract a wider variety of search traffic. In other words, bringing few visitors per key word, but many visitors overall.

Where Do I Begin?

Whether you are thinking of starting a blog for the first time, or improving your blog to drive traffic and leads to your website, it can seem overwhelming. Never fear, FIVE10 is here to help! Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts in our business blogging series and feel free to give us a call with any specific questions you may have about your blog. We are here for you! 404-567-6349