Have you seen these funky squiggly squares popping up all over the place? Been wondering what they are? They’re called QR codes and are very similar to standard barcodes you see on everything from clothing to groceries. If you have a QR Code scanning app on your smartphone you can scan them and they will launch an activity on your phone.

QR stands for Quick Response. They are actually two-dimensional barcodes designed for speed. The idea is that it’s is as simple as snapping a photo to make something happen quickly on your phone.

What’s the point?

Free QR Code SMSThere are five different things a QR Code can do:

  • Display text
  • Open a link
  • Share a contact
  • Connect to a wireless network
  • Compose an email or text message

What can a QR Code do for me?

  • Put all of your contact info in a QR Code on your email footer
  • A print ad that links straight to a landing page on your site
  • Let customers scan a card for a secret discount amount
  • Link directly to your website from your business card
  • Send photos of merchandise or real estate from a display or sign
  • Link to a Facebook check-in station from your store window or signage

QR Code Scanning Apps

If you have an android phone you can use Barcode Scanner or Google Goggles. iPhone users, check out Bakodo or Red Laser.

Now What?

Download a QR Code scanning app and scan the code above for a FREE QR Code of your own to use on your digital or print materials! 😀